Orb, 2021

After several iterations, this was the piece made for 'YGTGITGO,' an exhibition about techno curated by Sonia F. Pan and Carolina Jiménez. Seven vertical shots of a bonfire engendered in the depths of Daniel Benza's GPU.

I returned to this quote from Kenneth Rexroth in the foreword to Chermayeff and Alexander's 'Community and Privacy,' a book I came across in 2019 in the loft of Reduct in San Francisco, a place designed by the grandson of one of the authors: "What sense of community can emerge from a society in which humanity risks becoming a vehicle for the evolution of our artifacts?"

I was published forty-five years before the first iPhone. Who knows, coarse thoughts may soon be back, and doing a piece on such 'ultra-living element' felt right after COVID. Fire is so intimate, so universal, so timeless, so in-between that it becomes a piece about the lack of 'friction,' a word I also learned to use in SF. About how easy it is to go numb staring at a campfire, a screen, or both. That is the beauty, isn't it? You tame it, it tames you back.

Simulation and render by Daniel Benza. Thanks to Álvaro Chior, Angelo Freda, María Nieto and Martin Köhler.